Recognition of the Bachelor of Arts

Aknowledgment of the Bachelor of Arts

Thanks to the Pearson validation (Edexcel), University of Bedfordshire and the London Performers Examination Board it is now possible to obtain at the end of our three year courses a Bachelor Of Arts, a university degree (level 6). This final degree recognition is split into three separate years obtainable separately:

  • First year - Level 4
  • Second Year - Level 5 Edexcel Higher National Diploma
  • Third Year - Level 6 Bachelor of Art

As of today in our central facility two main courses are active: Bachelor of Arts (in the fields of Music Performance, Technology and Production


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Legal Value of the Bachelor Of Arts

In the countries inside the European Community the Bachelor of Arts is automatically recognized as a final university degree, complying with the directives of the European Parliament concerning degrees recognition.

The B.A. does not refer to Italian systems such as the MIUR or the AFAM, nor to the Regio Decreto of June 4th 1938. Jam Academy vision broadens the horizons, focusing on quality of the services, innovation and real needs of the music industry.

Our B.A. is released directly by British universities and boards, Institutional Approval procedures are held during the courses to control the quality of the service we provide. Our Degrees are immediately aknowledged in the UK, Commonwealth, European Union and United States and they can be aknowledged in Italy with the “Equipollenza del titolo“ procedure. All of this allowed, since 2003, an excellent international mobility of our alumni.

B.A. and Italian University Degree: are they the same thing?

No, they are not! Our degree is a foreign diploma giving the same amount of CFU (educational credits) of an Italian degree, but still remains a foreign diploma. In Italy, to redeem the validity of our degree the students must request the “Equipollenza del Titolo” procedure (for more informations see CIMEA Centro Informazioni Mobilità Equivalenze Accademiche). This procedure is rather complex and we suggest you look for on of the many extensive guides found on line on the topic.

Ask for more informations by contacting our Educational Tutor.

 European framing

Tabella Bachelor Inquadramento Europeo
* E.Q.F. = European Qualification Framework come da indicazione del Parlamento Europeo.